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Running a red light is no joke.Many people are killed or badly injured each year becouse some cruised through the red light. You may be in hurry, you may  think light does not stay green long enough.Whatever your excuse, it is no reason to endanger the lives of  other motorist, passengers, pedestrian or other road users who may be in that intersection. The law is clear on how u must behave at traffic signals.

Traffic facing a green signal can proceed straight through or turn right or left unless a sign prohibits either sign. Even with the green light, the motorist should observe the right of war rule.
When you see the yellow light, stop before entering the intersection.A yellow light does not mean it is time to speed up and race through the  intersection and that is how people get killed

Traffic facing red signal must stop before entering the intersection and must remain stopped until the light changes to green or some signal permitting movement such as a green arrow.

Traffic facing red signal at an intersection may after shopping, cautiously enter the intersection.

Traffic facing a green arrow signal may enter the intersection only to make  the movement indicated by the arrow. When the green arrow signal indicates a right of left turn traffic, cautiously enter the intersection.

Flashing red ( stop signal ) when a red light is flashing , vehicles must stop before proceedimg. A flashing red signal acts in much the same way as a stop sign.

Flashing yellow ( coution signal ) when a yellow light is flashing, vehicle may proceed through intersection coutiously.

Red light enforcement cameras are presently in use ( only at certain intersections of the city ). Upholding traffic laws can be  dangerous for law enforcement when they must  also run the  red light to pursue  the violator. The safety of other  motorists and pedestrians at an intersection may be treatened if police themselves run the red light.

Red light running is preventable problem. Please help make our  community safe. STOP ON RED.

sumber: - http://www.rmp.gov.my/

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